Sexy, Flexy & Stylized - Take It Off / Put It On

Natasha Wang


This curriculum is going to play with the notions of striptease, but turn it on its head. We’re going to lead the class in an exercise of clothing removal, one piece at a time. Students will then do a reverse striptease, where those same articles of clothing will be put back on. Students will incorporate some new or reviewed moves, and inject their own brand of sexy into them!


Detailed Curriculum

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Warm Up Notes

General Warm-up tailored to anticipated activity level. Because today is a fun sexy class, incorporate flirty, cheeky music in your warm-up playlist! Incorporate sexy movement – hip rolls, body waves, etc.

Core Moves Video Reference Numbers
  • FC_304: Double Leg Admiration
  • MF_695: Double Back Knee Hook Spin
  • JB_537: Aerial Body Wave. Try from the floor. Have students try to also prance the legs for some variety!


  • FC_304: Double Leg Admiration
  • JB_537: Aerial Body Wave to open-leg V
  • MF_627: Backward Handstand from Inverted Crucifix
  • FC_304: Double Leg Admiration
  • JB_537: Aerial Body Wave to open-leg V
  • C_411: Backward Handstand Straddle Down – students can try maintaining pressure and contact with the tailbone as they bring the hips all the way down, keeping hands on the floor.

Advanced students can add an aerial move after the climb (i.e., butterfly, teddy, etc.)

Variation / Transition Notes

Encourage students to use their discarded clothing to wrap around the pole and assist in spins, floor transitions, etc. Show some examples!

Class Delivery Options
  • After reviewing the above moves, students are then encouraged to layer on their streetclothes, leg-warmers, scarves, hats, etc. – whatever can be removed during the dance. Instructors should dim the lights, play some sexy or seductive music, and in groups of 2, have the students freely roam around the studio as they remove each article of clothing while incorporating the above 2-3 moves into their dances.
  • Once everyone has free danced, they will then reverse the striptease, and put the articles of clothing back on, while maintaining the striptease and seductive feel to the movement.
  • For an added challenge, ask the students to reverse the moves for their second free dance! i.e. students can start in an aerial body wave then do the double leg admiration; or try a backward handstand to double leg admiration.
  • Students are encouraged to use their clothing to wrap around the pole and assist in spins, floor transitions, etc. Instructors should demonstrate some examples.
Safety Notes / Pre-requisites

For the Flying Ballerina, Instead of wrapping outside arm all the way around pole so that it rests in the armpit, hold the pole above head with elbow extended and wrist in twisted grip position (indicated for those with limited spine rotation and shoulder flexibility). Students should start learning this move from the floor.



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  • Always be sure the length, intensity and type of warm up is relative to the type of material you will be teaching.