Intro to Tissu/Silks (Fabric & Ceiling Height)

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Tissu / Silks
Safety & Tips

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Learn about choosing fabric for your own Tissu / Silks and the ceiling height at which you should consider training in this informative video by Brandon.

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Felissita's picture

Can I make a tissue myself just buying a fabric from a shop? What  type of fabric exactly should it be? Could you give me a necessary size (the width of each part of tissue, the length of the tissue that is lying on the floor etc.)? How should I fix it on the ceiling? Thanks!'s picture

Hi Felissita :)  There is a lot that goes into proper aerial rigging and we are in the process of creating videos that will show you all you need to know....stay tuned :)

Jumpoffaswingnflyaway's picture

Were these videos ever posted? I would love to learn about proper aerial rigging and materials as there isn't a facility near me that provides equipment. If so, what do I search? :)

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