Warm Up (Using Pole)

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Warm Up

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Warm up with twice crowned World Champion Pole Artist and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Felix Cane, in this video that will get your body moving from head to toe ready to begin practice.

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sacpolefitness's picture

Nice warm up!


ReeRee11's picture

Great warm up, but last 3 mins of video went blank. Did anyone else have this problem? Also concern with stretch at beginning of warm- up. Should you stretch cold muscles, seems those stretches should be left for end. 

PoleAndAerial.com's picture

Thanks sacpolefitness!  Hi ReeRee11 :)  In regards to the last 3 mins of the video, I do not see any thing wrong with the video as of now...Have you cleared your browser cache and tried to play it again?  If you have further problems with this video, please email info@poleandaerial.com.  In regards to the stretches in the beginning of the video, they are meant to be gentle stretches to wake up the body just a bit :) nothing too deep. Often when Felix stretches, it appears to be a very deep stretch because she is so flexible.  As always though, if something doesn't feel correct for your body, please feel free to look in to other warm up options, of which there are many.  I hope you are having a wonderful experience on PoleandAerial.com!  Please keep the comments up and let us know what you LOVE!  Happy Poling!

waldina's picture

You are awesome =) Can't wait to meet you =) 

Ellma's picture

I just want say nice warm up before using the pole. Very important.

Raverbaby1980's picture

Love warming up using the pole, great warm up.

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