Warm Up and Flexibility for Shoulders, Upper and Lower Back

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World Champion Anastasia Skukhtorova is well known for her extreme shoulder and back flexibility. Enjoy this terrific video tutorial where you can do her warm up and flexibility exercises right in pace with her in a special sequence she shares only here - on PoleandAerial.com!

Safety Note:
Anastasia is a professional athlete with years of training and experience. Undertake these exercises in a controlled manner only with the advice of your physician. Warm Ups and flexibility training can be uncomfortable as we are pushing our bodies to new limits. Some discomfort is normal, but DO NOT continue with any exercises if you experience pain.

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TabbyKat's picture

This is great! I took your contortion pole at Jagged Vertical and I have been always warming up with my waist trimmer belt since you told us that it helps. It really does. I LOVED YOUR CLASS and Greshilov. It was great. I have remembered most of the warm-ups and was able to bring both feet to my head. I needed a strap, but I did it. Thanks!

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