Vertical Air Split On the Pole

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This is Anastasia's favorite combo on the pole, involving a Twisted Grip Handspring, Inverted Ankle Grip and an Air Split. Be sure you have mastered these individual moves before attempting this move.


Key Grip Points: 

- Inverted Ankle Grip
- Top Arm Elbow Grip
- Bottom Hand Fingers Down Push
- Change Grip of Bottom Hand Forearm Against Pole, Grab Ankle and Push Away from Pole

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CrazyToons's picture

Hopefully someone can I have mastered this split from the floor for a few months now and I want to move on to the combo...Im curious, how come this version appears less twisted than the from the floor version? I like the look of this version better. Is it possible to achieve it from the floor? 

CrazyToons's picture do I get the split less twisted and create more negative space for a more beautiful and dramatic split? Please??

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