Tuck Spin

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Take your Tuck Spin to the Spinning Pole with Marlo in this tutorial.

Key Grip Points: 
  • Strong Hold Grip

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Felissita's picture

I'm struggling to do the tuck spin without hands (hand under the knee) without success:-( I just can't hold my body pressed to the pole in this position and after this exercise I have always quads soreness... Could you precise where should I place the pole on my quads: closer to the knees or closer to the pelvis? How can I enhance mz grip? Other tips?

PoleAndAerial.com's picture

Hi Felissita :)  Key points to get this grip are

1. have the belly and thighs exposed so your skin is gripping on the pole
2. pole is on belly and upper thighs, tucking those legs in tight
3. make sure shoulders are low enough to be in line with your hips, making your whole body parallel with the floor before you bring hands to back of the thighs

If you can take a video,  you may be able to see something in your form that you aren't picking up when you are actually attempting the move :)

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