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We love this dizzying "what did she just do" pole move from Jenyne. This challenging sequence combines inverted straddles with outside leg hangs and leg switches for a splendid display of acrobatics and strength. Jenyne gives terrific tips to provide you the ability to execute this move with flawless technique. Enjoy!

SAFETY NOTE: Be sure to have mastered your Inverted Straddle and Outside Leg Hang before attempting this move.

Key Grip Points: 
  • Back of Knee
  • Hands
  • Back of Opposite Leg

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MariYabe's picture

very snappy, love this's picture

Lol ;)  indeed it is

LeNina Zamora's picture

I would like to see how many snaparu´s (one inmediately after the other) look, since I find it hard , the position of my hands end in a way in which it is impossible for me to follow one snaparu after the other....'s picture

Hi LeNina :)  Great question, we will ask Jenyne if she can get us a video and get back to you.

MemphisKitten1026's picture

This is a great move!  It is definitely a lot more difficult than it looks!!  :)

TabbyKat's picture

That looks cool. I'll attempt it this weekend. ATTEMPT is the key word. lol

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