Pole Split - Lean Out

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Learn one of twice crowned World Champion Pole Artist and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Felix Cane's, signature moves in this inspiring video that demonstrates strength, balance, flexibility, and control. Notice how Felix keeps her bottom foot fully pointed (not flexed) for a beautifully clean and technically correct line. All lessons on this site will continually focus on and reinforce proper technique and lines so your moves are beautiful and safe.

If you wish to practice a simpler version of this pose that does NOT require a full split and uses two hands on the pole, please search under Pole Splits. Lesson ID FC_333.  

Key Grip Points: 
  • Hands (pull)
  • Front of Foot (push)
  • Inside Knee

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conniec89's picture

Love it!! I want all the lessons now!! :)

Spinny's picture

Great lesson!  So simple, I'm definitely going to try this one. Thanks Felix & AerialandPole.  

MariYabe's picture

Beautiful pose! I also notice your free arm is extended and aligned with you head and chest as you lean back. Does this help with your balance too?

PoleAndAerial.com's picture

Hi MariYabe :)  Indeed the extension of Felix's arm does facilitate the stability of the pose ...it also creates a beautiful line that accentuates the pose.  Would love to see photos of all of you :) Post post post :) Happy Poling!

MariYabe's picture

Silly question. How others progress but how do you post photos or videos? 

mwillies's picture

I only have an 8 foot pole...what do I need to do to make this work without lifting my knee so high? I'm getting stuck pulling up when my knee is that low. 

PoleAndAerial.com's picture

Perhaps try lowering your body so your body positioning is similar to your bent leg as if you did lift your knee high.

Carla's picture

Ótimo!! Vou tentar

dope22's picture

oooh i cant wait to try this at home!

trainwithlynn's picture

trying this with basic progressions :) thank you!

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