Michelle Mynx's Dedication to Layla Duvay

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Strong, sassy and always classy, Layla Duvay's sexy, fun-loving style and infectious personality is her clear signature. Layla is well known among many as an enthusiastic participant in various pole showcases, and more importantly, she and her public fight with brain cancer symbolize how supportive our little pole community is when times are tougher than words can adequately describe.  It is no surprise that when we asked this amazing woman who her favorite pole artists were, that all four of her favorites (Alethea Austin, Cleo The Hurricane, Michelle Mynx and Karol Helms) responded with enthusiastic support to video tape performance routines in honor of Layla and her fight.

Enjoy Gravity Play's Favorites and pole legend, Michelle Mynx's, dedication to Layla Duvay!  Following is a message Michelle wrote for Layla:

" I have adored Layla since the first moment we met! She showed up at a workshop and her big personality and feisty attitude were right up front. She is such an audaciously beautiful woman with incredible agency over her own sexuality and being. A living light of what I aspire to be as a woman- Strong, smart, witty, opinionated, enthusiastic, and determined.On stage she is a force, the Lioness with the most feminist shimmy I have ever seen. Most people don't even know shimmies can BE Feminist- until they see Layla. She is Empowerment Incarnate.  As the years have gone by I feel not only honored , but privileged to know her and spend time with her on and off the pole. I have so many wonderful stories! I could go on all day :) I LOVE her so much! I feel her influence in blood. She is forever a part of who I am."  -- Michelle Mynx

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