Doubles: Drop-Catch by "Enchanted" Duo Tiffany & Ruth (Australia)

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Australian World Champion duo Tiffany  and Ruth, known as "Enchanted," share a challenging doubles trick called the"Drop-Catch".  Tiffany and Ruth hold more than half a dozen champion titles performing doubles. It is an honor to have them share this exceptionally creative and challenging movement and pose here at  Enjoy terrific instruction step-by-step instruction in this video.

SAFETY NOTE:  This trick is unique because it requires one partner to fully hold the weight of another while on the pole. Be sure you and your partner have each individually mastered the Crucifix and Inverted Pencil Hold before attempting this move together.   And, as always, be sure to have a qualified spotter supervise you every time you first attempt an elevated or inverted movement.  

Key Grip Points: 

Supporting Partner (Base)

  • Knees and Thighs (squeeze)
  • Top of Foot (can be flexed to support weight of partner)
  • Hands in Double Wrist Lock with Partner

Supported Partner (Flier)

  • Cross Ankles
  • Hands on Pole Whilst in Inverted Pencil Hold
  • Hands in Double Wrist Lock with Partner

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Collette Kakuk's picture

I LOVE this trick! Going to try it in the studio this week!

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