Basic Inversion from the Floor

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Preparing to invert (go upside down) is important work! World Champion Oona Kivela breaks down key fundamentals for inversions by practicing safely from the floor in this terrific tutorial.

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Fatal Era's picture

Thank you Oona! I really like your videos for breaking down the nitty gritty mechanics. I like to watch Felix and Jenyne's videos on this as well - just to get different takes. Because you ALL have great perspectives and beautiful lines and mechanics. I really like the way Oona - that you teach. It's almost militant - but kind... Like a happy drill sergeant!  :-)  I especially like your build up to the variation @ 2:35 - I've been trying to do an invert from a standing position - but I feel like I only get it done half way. I can hook so much easier with an outside leg hang - inside leg hangs mystify me a little.. I know these moves and variations are (as you said) building blocks. I enjoy watching your videos along with Felix's and Jenyne's (on the same moves I mean) to get different perspectives and it helps a lot. 

I just know that you've been one of our newest teachers here - and I want to say - I enjoy the way you break down the basic mechanics. Very direct and no-nonsense. Watching the three of you has helped me a great deal. I just want to thank you personally for what you have to offer. It's really cool how everyone has a slightly different approach. I would encourage anyone (especially new people) to watch the same move(s) with different teachers. You can learn something different from all of them. Thank you again Oona! I look forward to more of your videos - as well as lessons from our other amazing teachers! Much much respect!!  :-)

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