Ayesha - Elbow Grip

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Ayesha is a terrific milestone move to learn once comfortable going upside down and reverse climbing. Learn how in this great video by Jenyne.

Key Grip Points: 
  • Knees (Squeeze)
  • Elbow Hold

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Felissita's picture

I can do ayesha with the elbow grip, but i stll can't do it with the split grip (my bottom hand just split and I can't hold my weight). Can you help with some advice? Also, i had the right wrist tendonitis in the past and i wonder if i can do this grip and how can i warm and stretch my wrists to prepare them for this exercise. Thanks!

PoleAndAerial.com's picture

Hi Felissita :)  In regards to your wrist, I suggest you see a doctor and explain exactly what you will be doing before you do anything further as you do not want to re-injure yourself and be stuck doing nothing.  You may not be physically strong enough to do the grip and there is no need to force it.  As far as warming up the wrists, you should do that prior to each practice, perhaps some wrist rolls and gentle stretch holds forward and backward...don't forget the rest of your arms as everything is connected.  Please type in "warmup" in the search field to see a variety of warmup options :)   I see you have mentioned slipping a couple times before...this could be due to a few different reasons - weak hands, sweaty hands, cold humid pole, oily hands(from lotion), or incorrect positioning...Do you use a pole grip such as DryHands?  Please also see our Safety slideshow for information that everyone should review often and will be helpful throughout your practice.

Sparky's picture

This is the trick I am currently trying to master. Great tutuorial, thanks! 

TabbyKat's picture

Oh man to push out like that is scary! Right now I have the Koala grip going on and just releasing the legs to get the feel of it.

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