Warm Up (for Flex Training)

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Warm Up

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A proper warm up is critical prior to flexibility training to keep your body safe from injury and to make your stretching most effective. Warm up with Marlo in this expertly guided video.

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Poletor's picture

Amazing class! Love your work <3

amysunshine007's picture

Awesome intro for transitioning into deeper stretches. Thanks!


Jax_Santos's picture

Great warm up!

Simona's picture

You are such a good instructor! I love the way words come out of your mouth :) Love your videos

Fatal Era's picture

This is almost always the first thing I start with - it really does give you some great cardio (surprisingly because it's not a real hardcore workout - but it DOES make you sweat - and it gets you good and warm to dive into deeper stretches. This is one of my favorites :-)  *and great for beginners!*

amiedawe's picture

Love Love Love this video! Marlo is amazing!!!

thelarbios's picture

I have been coming back to this warm up for three years and it still works like magic! Love the way I feel when I finish it! <3

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