LEGS: Quad stretch

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Stretch those quads in this flexibility exercise with Felix.

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Angel's picture

You are so cute!   Love all the stretching videos, they are really helpful!   I love that its not super serious, all the important aspects are mentioned (form, both sides etc), but there is still a really light mood with the videos.  Keep them coming!

FELIX's picture

Tee hee :)  I'm so glad you love the videos. Something not a lot of people know is that I really had to (and have to!) work on my flexibility.  Have been so fortunate and am so grateful for all the training I have accumulated over the years, from outstanding ballet teachers to all the training I get at Cirque. I'm so happy to share the things I have learned and will keep more coming for sure!! Thanks for your lovely comments. kiss kiss

TabbyKat's picture

This is exactly what I need I'm trying to get my feet to touch  my head and though my back is bendy my legs just are not. Well my quads any ways. My only problem is that my hands get sweaty and I start sliding on my mat. Now if you can do a lesson on pointing your toes or tips so that when I point my toes they don't cramp that would be much appreciated.

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