Markela - GREECE


Markela started pole dancing as a hobby the autumn of 2008 after taking her degree in Law from University of Athens. Although she had no athletic or dance background she was quickly given the chance to teach, being an advanced pole student in the early life of pole industry in Greece. She trained with enthusiasm under the guidance of her teacher and started working on more advanced tricks watching Karol Helms's videos on Youtube.
Soon after that she created her own pole dance training center in Athens, ''Polewave''. Besides pole dancing she has been practicing yoga for years and has developed her own stretching techniques to achieve great flexibility goals. She also takes regularly contemporary dance classes. The favourite part of her pole life is interacting with students and working on choreography.

Markela won 1st place at the Greek Pole Dance Championship 2014 (professional division) sponsored by RAD Polewear and currently teaches at Polewave as well as other dance schools.