Karol Helms USA


Growing up in the Charlotte, NC area, Karol Helms loved rollerblading, dirtbikes, and climbing trees. Typical “girly” activities were just not appealing to her. Her mother tried to get her interested in gymnastics or dance, but neither lasted for very long. She was a fearless tomboy and never let the boys out-do her in anything! Always into sports and athletics, Karol was on the track team in Junior High and most of High School. Her love of movement started when a friend talked her into trying out for the new High School dance team with her, and after venturing outside of her comfort zone, she went to tryouts with her friend. To her surprise, she secured a spot on the dance team with her friend and soon discovered how challenging dance actually was. She was immediately hooked! Soon she discovered that she loved performing and dancing was a fun way to express emotion.

Karol soon discovered pole dancing at 19 while visiting a friend who worked at a strip club. There was one lone dancer who did a few easy moves on the pole and being the first time she had ever seen “pole tricks”, she was amazed! She immediately researched online to find lessons or instruction and was astonished when she finally found Fawnia’s Pole Work Vol 1 DVD. She constructed a home made pole, self taught from the DVD at home, and immediately fell in love with pole dancing. “Its challenging, scary, and feels like flying!!”

A couple years later, after YouTube had become popular, Karol was online searching again for new pole dancing moves and people who shared her infatuation with pole. To her surprise she found a couple videos of women pole dancing. One of those women was Alena Downs. After stumbling upon her videos, Karol realized there was so much more she could learn and so many more possibilities for pole dancing. She purchased an XPole, self taught from Alena’s videos, and started posting her own videos to share. Karol diligently answered questions about moves, provided feedback to others, and showed support to new polers in any way she could. She never knew that she would inspire so many women (and men) to discover pole dancing as exercise as well as a beautiful art form.

Karol quickly became famous in the pole dance community for her incredible pole stunts and unique dance style. Attending the first USPDF National Championships in March 2009, she was inspired by so many talented ladies, and excited to meet so many fellow polers that she shared this passion with. Karol made a promise to herself that she would try out for the next competition, and put in a lot of work to be the best she could be. In the fall, she entered the USPDF East Coast Regionals and was selected as a competitor. She was so excited to have the opportunity to showcase her skills and share the stage with so many talented ladies. Training for weeks on end paid off when Karol came in 1st place and was awarded pro-status with the USPDF and the title of USPDF East Coast Champion 2009.

A couple months later, through Alethea Austin, Karol was offered a chance to design pole specific clothing catering to polers of the non-exotic persuasion with a new company by the name of Bad Kitty Pole Wear. In February, Karol, Alethea, Mina, and Estee travelled to Arizona to develop the first line of workout clothes FOR pole dancers, BY pole dancers and the PoleFit line was born! Karol is a Brand Director of the new PoleFit line by Bad Kitty as well as her own line by Bad Kitty to debut in the future.

In March 2010, Karol geared up to compete in the USPDF Pro National Championship in NYC. Taking the stage with so many talented ladies and friends in the audience, Karol was honored to be one of the competitors in this huge event. Again, her training and preparation paid off when she was awarded runner up and the title of USPDF Miss Sexy 2010.

Karol travels all over North America teaching workshops at pole dancing studios and performing at various events. As an attentive instructor, Karol loves teaching others to find confidence and strength through pole dancing!