Jeni Janover/Liquid Motion - USA


Jeni Janover lives in CT with her husband and two children. She has an extensive back ground in classical ballet, studying with some of the best like Suzan Farrell and Carol Sumner.  As a child Jeni was always performing, ironically enough in non-traditional settings, such as the foyer of their house, the kitchen and the rooftop of the tool shed. (Hmm shade of liquid already…) Even at a young age Jeni had an unusual maturity with her movements.

She began her pole dancing career two years ago and quickly became hooked. However her specialty and true love was not the tricks. Sensual movement and fluidity became her passion. Jeni not only loved this for herself she had a unique ability to help other woman find their own sensuality and movement.  Jeni felt that this fundamental movement was being overlooked and cast aside and people were only focusing on the pole tricks.

It was then that Liquid Motion® was born.  Jeni is the founder of Liquid Motion®.

Liquid Motion ®is an international traveling workshop focusing on individual movement to reach self-confidence and fluidity with-in your pole dancing. It is the fundamentals of each individual’s body movement. It is sensual movement to help gain an understanding of how your body moves FOR YOU and the exploration of movement with music, without learning specific choreography or tricks. Liquid Motion® focuses on the floor work and wall work using a very different approach. There is almost NO pole work in the liquid Motion  ® program until the very end. Jeni feels if you can’t move without thinking on the floor or wall how can you possibly do it on the pole. Her method’s get her students out of the idea of that “follow the leader instruction” and teaches them to let their body be their guide. Jeni and Liquid Motion® gives you a vocabulary; it’s up to you to string together your own language. Jeni travels internationally delivering workshops for Liquid Motion and is on the Florida Pole Convention schedule with several workshops as well.

Jeni has had a great deal of success with this program and received wonderful feedback from all who have taken it.  In less than a year Jeni has booked events such as Pole Convention 2012, Pole Expo, Pole2Pole cup USA, Pole2Pole UK, SuperShag Pole Fitness Championship 2012 and countless workshops throughout the United States and Canada. Liquid Motion also is visible throughout the growing pole community receiving growing support from companies such as Mighty Grip, Collette Kakuk and Sean O’ Connor. 

Jeni has found there is an incredible need to teach our new “Poler’s” how to just move their bodies free of all the tricks; how to understand movement and music, not just on the pole but also OFF the pole.

It is Jeni’s goal, at Liquid Motion, to help people love themselves and help  amateur pole dancer understand that in a world of gymnast’s and contortionist there needs to be more: Simple Beautiful Movement.  Liquid Motion gives you permission to forget the pole tricks and just dance.     Jeni’s motto is “It’s more than just pole tricks”.