Erandi Montes - MEXICO


Erandi Montes is the owner of Pole Dance School México, the largest school in the country with 6 studios in the city. She began Pole Dancing at the age of 29 and before she turned 30, she was opening her first studio.
In 2009 she was working as a fashion designer for Pepe Jeans London, she had been an amateur ballet dancer and hula teacher and even though she loved to dance, she only saw it as a hobby. She went to a Pole Fitness class and "it was love at first spin", she couldn't stop practicing, wanting more and more, but back then in Mexico City there were no studios with a dance approach to Pole, it was only fitness. So, she made her own program mixing Pole and Dance, and opened her first studio that same year, the first of 6 in only five years.

Erandi loves to work with the Pole Community in Mexico. She was one of the creators of National Urban Pole Day, a non-profit event in which all the studios from Mexico go out to practice on the streets, wearing clothes with the same logo, just to show people who've never heard of this discipline what it is, making it a mind-opening event and getting studios to work together. She created the "Directorio de Escuelas de Pole en México" a list of all the studios in the country, so they could know each other and work together for the benefit of the students. She's Founding Member and Board Member of the Asociación de Pole México, A.C. (Mexico's Pole Association), a non-profit organization created to raise the standards of the studios so every student receives professional guidance in a safe environment.

She has also put her Fashion Design Career in practice by creating her own brand of Pole clothing, PDS, which has had a great acceptance in Mexico and in many other countries where it is sold.