Carlie Hunter


Carlie is the owner of Adelaide pole dance studio, The Pole Boutique, and has been instructing pole dance and fitness classes since 2005. In 2011, Carlie burst onto the international pole scene, breaking all pole dancing stereotypes with her Granny Clementine routine. She then followed it up in 2012, unleashing her newest alter ego "Carlos", who has since established his very own fan club. Carlie has placed herself on the world pole map not only as a performer but as a choreographer, winning the 2012 International Pole Fitness Association "Choreographer of the Year” award, as well as snapping up the 2014 “PWN International Pole Artist of the Year” award. Carlie is not only known for her pole comedy skills but her ability to dance Freestyle. She has found inspiration by drawing from sensual, lyrical and contemporary styles and is dedicated to helping people find comfort in their own styles through free movement. She is now being called the Pole Chameleon, due to her unique ability to pull off and perform almost any all style of pole dance thrown at her. Her successes lie not only with her own career but through the teachings of her students, with a large number of her students and instructors winning State and National titles with her guidance, training and choreography. She is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and a proud ambassador for X-POLE Australia, Bad Kitty and Dry Hands Australia.

Her recent Titles include:
2015 Miss Pole Dance Australia Runner Up
2015 PWN “WOW AWARD” for most Athletic Pole Dancer
2015 UPA Freestyle Video Challenge Champion
2014 PWN International Pole Artist of the Year
2014 3rd Place Miss Pole Dance Australia
2013 IPC Women’s Finalist
2012 and 2011 Australian Pole Champion
2012 IPDFA "Choreographer of the Year"
2012 International Pole Championships Ultimate Doubles Champion
2012 Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles Champion
2012 Miss Pole Dance Australia Runner Up
2012 Pole World Cup Brazil 5th Place
2012 International Pole Masters Runner Up
2012/2011/2008/2007 Miss Pole Dance SA
2012 Asia Pacific Pole Championships 4th Place
2011 Asia Pacific Pole Championships 3rd Place