What a delight it is to have our very first FEATURED ARTIST on be the fabulous Bobbi from Bobbi's Pole Studio in Australia!

Bobbi was born in Tasmania, Australia and grew up in Perth. She started dancing at an early age - mainly Jazz with a bit of Tap and Acrobats thrown in. At 20 years of age she left a Commerce/Psychology degree to dance overseas in a Showgirl Group with her sister Kim (Owner of Bobbis Pole Studio Perth). After living and dancing professionally in Tokyo Japan for 7 years she came home to Sydney and continued to perform. After a few years in Sydney (about 2003) 'Pole Dancing" began to emerge as the 'latest fitness craze' in the US but few people were doing it in Australia. Bobbi had learnt a little of the skills when she was in Japan and fortunately was interviewed by a mainstream Television Show which shed a massive positive light onto the benefits associated with Pole Dancing for Fitness. Due to this exposure she then met her (still current) business partner - Vanessa Brecht and they went ahead and registered "Sydney Pole Dancing School" in 2004 and began the very first Instructional Pole Dancing School in Australia.  

Bobbi taught and Vanessa managed, and after a short while they renamed the school to "Bobbis Pole Studio" and became very well known throughout Australia and then globally as the craze spread. As of today they now own three large studios in Sydney, one in Perth WA, 1 in Singapore, and 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bobbi has always stuck with her roots and most of her choreography and class programming is based on this style.  Her biggest love is Choreographing large pole dancing shows with a risque' touch.