Alex Shchukin - UKRAINE


APFC International Winner
Mr Pole Dance World Winner
World Pole Sports Championship (IPSF) Winner
2nd in Pole Dance Cup in Poland
Special Prize for Best Choreography in Pole Dance Cup in Poland
3d in World Pole Dance 2012 in Zurich
Coming up: Pole Art finalist,  IPC finalist
Finalist “So You Think You can Dance” Ukraine
Choreographer for TV-shows “Star`s Academy”, “Ukraine doesn`t Believe in Tears”, “Show Number 1”
Owner of the VIP dance studio “Manhattan” in Kiev, Ukraine

Alex was born in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in the family of professional sportsman. His father was a swimmer. So Alex knew from early childhood, that his life will be dedicated to sport. He was accepted to the sport gymnastics junior camp, but after several years had to drop out. After the Union`s collapse, and after the huge financial crisis, the state stopped supporting sport organizations, and his family couldn`t afford paying for training or at least gym rent. But Alex didn`t give up. He found the sport, that was for free – break dancing. He and his friends organized the street crew, and after a while they actually started getting invited to the clubs and events, and earning money. After a while Alex got invited to “So You Think You Can Dance”, where he met his future wife. After the show he started his career as TV choreographer, working for many popular shows, such as “Star`s Academy”, “Show Number 1″, “Ukraine Doesn`t Believe in Tears” and TV commercials (KFC, Orbit, MTC net, etc).

Alex and his wife opened the dance school – “Manhattan”. While she was teaching pole, he completely ignored this dance style, being in love with hip hop, jazz funk and contemporary dance. Of course, he tried iron-Xs and dead lifts, but never could have imagined, what a serious passion it all will grow into. But a year ago his wife got seriously sick, and while she was recovering, he decided to make a special present for her, something she really wanted, – create routine for a pole dance championship. He applied for World Pole Dance in Zurich and after his second time on stage as pole dancer, was placed third. Alex finally fell in love with pole dance. He trained hard, every day. As a result, on his second competition – Australian Pole Fitness Championship he was the winner. After a month he also won the first ever all-male championship Mr Pole Dance. Two months after – he became world champion (IPFS) in London.