Instructor Certification - Detailed Curriculum

Our program is comprehensive and robust, with a 200+ page manual fully supported by photos and video references. This program includes everything you need to know to teach and be ready for SUCCESS, including:

  • Anatomy
  • Alignment
  • Artistry
  • Benefits of Pole Dance
  • Classroom Culture & Expectations Setting
  • Code of Conduct and Suggested Class Rules for Studio Owners, Instructors, and Students
  • Common Student Mistakes
  • Curriculum/Lesson Plans, including template to design your own classes
  • Equipment
  • Establishing an Empowering Culture
  • Grips and Holds
  • History of Pole Dancing
  • Injury Prevention
  • Modifications (for injured or overweight students)
  • Moves: Pole Moves, Floor Moves, Tricks, Climbs, Spins, Transitions, and more
  • Musicality
  • Points of Contact
  • Progressions to ensure readiness to safely prepare the body to advance and prevent injuries and accidents
  • Rotation, Opposition, Leverage, Momentum & Control
  • Proper Technique & Form
  • Safety & Spotting - fully comprehensive
  • Strength & Flexibility Training
  • Teaching Techniques, Cueing (verbal & non-verbal) & Classroom Management
  • Terminology
  • Warm Up

Thru the expertise of our world class team, this program combines more than 40 years of industry-specific training, teaching, competitive, and studio ownership experience across the globe and has everything you need to begin teaching safely and knowledgeably.